Remembering all the Games I Loved as a kid, That were bad

I recently finished building a little portable game emulator called a Piigrrl 2. Using a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, some components, and following some instructions very closely, I was able to create something really special. With it, I can play many of my favorite games from back when I was a child and what I've come to realize is my taste was kinda bad and very obscure. I'm not sure at what point I started following video game news closely online but up until a certain point, I found games by walking into the local GameStop or Bestbuy and going up and down the game section looking for anything I recognized or looked cool. The result was I bought and enjoyed a lot of games that no one really knows or cares about so, when I go to find some of the games I truly loved I suddenly realize a lot of them were fairly obscure and more than a couple of them are truly bad. Here are a few games as a kid I truly loved and now playing them back, are either bad, obscure or probably both.

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