Talkin' About Twintelle

Because I am an owner of a Nintendo Switch and a huge fan of Nintendo's reinterpretations of classic genres, such as what Splatoon did with shooters, I've been following Arms very closely. Arms is Nintendo's goofy, bright colored and unique take on a fighting game and it's been making waves in the gaming community for some time. There are so many questions about it ranging from  about the controls to the apparent $80 barrier between a Switch owner and local multiplayer. But recently Arms has been receiving attention for their resident woman of color, Twintelle for both good and bad reasons. It started with the Nintendo Direct announcement  of the new character which, introduced Twintelle as a beautiful, buxom, warrior with mechanized hair. Though I had a hard time finding the official video, take my word it, the first shot in the video was an ass shot.

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