Let's Pray This Pokemon Go Integration is Tasteful

Pokemon Go, like many things, is a better idea than it is a reality. Between privacy concerns, to the inherent ablesim of the game, and how it puts Black players in America in danger, I haven't had the luxury of enjoying the game though I tried, initially. Pokemon Go is just not for me. I can't play it comfortably or safely. So, it really broke my heart today when I heard about Pokemon's next entries, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee and the Pokemon Go integration and the damn motion controls.

The idea behind Let's go Pikachu and Eevee is a return to the Kanto region focusing on the original 151 Pokemon and it looks, actually, really cool but already I have concerns. For one thing, if Pokemon Go is a central part of the game, a lot of people will be unable to participate in the new game. Furthermore, already they've shown off motion controls while catching Pokemon. I hope there will be a way to turn it off for people like me, who can't use them comfortably, or more importantly, for those who can't at all.

This being said, I'm keeping an open mind.  Because, it looks adorable. As a side note, I hope they include the ability to pick your skin color but that's not lookin' so good at the current moment.