Big Updates

It's been a long time since I've posted an update and it's long overdue. It's been quite an adventure building this website. I've worked with several artists, spent hours fussing over website design, avoided a very elaborate phishing scam, and maybe most importantly, made profound discoveries about my writing and my vision for how I want things to continue. Since April, I've interrogated my original ideas and I've made major adjustments that warrant some discussion.

When I started this I had every intention of writing, every day, about the games I play, every day but, quite clearly, that wasn't sustainable. I want to produce quality content but that requires more care than pulling something out of my ass every day while trying to manage my other commitments. So that's one thing.  Here are, I suppose, some of my plans for the rest of the year and things to look forward to.

What I Address Here

Things in the world are very bad right now. Though, video games are a comfort to me, it feels odd to never discuss issues out side of this very narrow niche. The thought has always been, this is a gaming site, I can't depart from that subject matter. But, I'm calling my bullshit. I don't believe that the things that are perpetuated in video games happen in a closed system.  The larger world needs to be taken into consideration. From now on, I'm going to work in some other relevant topics, even if their connection to games seem indirect. Remember that pile that came from that employee at Google? Things like that warrant interrogation. I'm going to give myself space to do that work. 

Secondly, I can't help but want to write about the movies and TV shows I watch. They are filled with things worth talking about. Thinking about other creative mediums has always informed my opinions on video games. So, it just makes sense to begin talking a little bit about them.


I am going to start streaming, just not yet. I've been suffering from some wrist injuries so once I figure out how to stream without my fingers going numb, I have a lot of games I want to play with y'all. 

I'm Making a Game?

Yes, I am but, it's weird to be saying that as someone who, still, doesn't know how to code. I've been working with RPG Maker MV and I have some things working in Twine as well. I want to put together something that doesn't suck so, I'm putting a lot of thought into this. I'm nowhere near being able to talk more about this project but, I wanted to tell y'all, it's happening.

One thing I'm sure of is that there will be no white people involved in my stories.

Supporter Page

Since I started this page I've been wrestling with the concept of monetizing. I don't want to put ads on this website. I don't want to annoy readers, I don't want to give advertisers ultimate power over whether this website continues to exist, and I want to say exactly what the hell I want. So, I'm launching a Patreon as a first step towards putting a dent in what I put into this website and to supplement what I do outside of this for cash. But, I'm just going to throw my link up here and if you want to, I'd appreciate you if you'd go give it a look. If nothing else, for a bit more info about the projects I mentioned above.

But, the real point of mentioning this is, I will be starting a supporter page on this blog very soon. If you support me (and you want) I'll list you on my supporter page and if you have a thing you would like promoted, slide me a message and I'll promote it. That is, if, you know, it doesn't go against my principles. That could include but ain't limited to, your art, your stream, your little sister's Gofund me to study abroad, you get the point. Instead of corporate sponsors, I want to be sponsored by a community and be able to return the favor.

Anyway, if you're still with me all the way down here, wow you care. I appreciate you more than words can describe. If you're looking for other ways to support this work I do, consider liking and sharing the posts you enjoy over on Twitter, Facebook or, whatever social media I haven't mentioned here. And of course, if you have feedback, hit me up via the contact page, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks for reading.