The Pokemon Company Made a Gender Queer Player Character, so Why Not Go the Extra Mile?

 In Event #2 of the Event Dex, in Magikarp Jump, the Man of Mystery says he doesn't know if the player character is a "girl" or a "boy". The PC looks annoyed and the Man of Mystery backs off and gives you a nugget.

While a, seemingly, tiny point, this conversation actually has some radical implications. For one thing, the PC is never gendered in Magikarp Jump. While initially I thought this may have just been a situation of a character who is always a boy, it's then confirmed that no one in the game really knows. And the PC keeps it that way. When the Man of Mystery asks them, the PC looks annoyed rather than answer. What this points to, is that this playable character is gender Queer. They neither identify or present as a girl or a boy. 

This is a pretty radical concept for a game. The most out of the box gender choices in video games get is usually offering the ability to play as a woman. This includes Pokemon, which goes farther by limiting the types of clothes their boy and girl characters can wear. In Pokemon X and Y isn't as bad but in Pokemon Sun and Moon girls are limited to capris, skirts and short shorts. Nothing in-between. But it's incredibly rare to find a game that does any better really. In terms of options of gender Queer PCs, the only game I can think of is Pokemon Uranium, a defunked unofficial Pokemon game. So the fact that the PC in Magikarp Jump seems to not be gendered, is very significant. With this the Pokemon Company has made a choice to portray a character who is not gendered in its most popular IP. This from a company that otherwise seems obsessed with binary gender reads as the potential for a departure, though however unlikely. But with this carrot dangled in front of me, the way it is, I can't help but to think. It's time for Pokemon to depart its rigid gender binary. PCs should be able to wear the whole range of available clothing choices and there should be an option to be gender-Queer. It's just doesn't seem that hard to implement when they already have two genders already. Come the hell on, Pokemon Company, you're so close.

Just go the damn mile.