Seeing Through the Bullshit: Anita Sarkeesian had Every Right to Call her Harassers Out

Sarkeezian is not a god, she does not transcend human emotion to feel fear, sadness, frustration, or even to feel bold enough to stand up to one of the vilest assholes on the internet

Right now, at the time I am writing this, people are making money simply by defending the opinions of fragile white, male gamers. It is a damn easy, damn quick way to make a buck and since 2013 and the advent of Gamegate made that abundantly clear, "entertainers" have been leeching their meagre livings from those who wish to reduce various Feminist thinker's in video games sense of safety and sanity for the last four years. Anita Sarkeezian is but one of these women who live with a big ol' target on their backs and an inbox crammed full of hate mail threatening harm to them and their families. The briefest of glances at the myriad of Youtube videos with demeaning images of Sarkeezian and titles such as "Why Anita Sarkeezian is an Idiot" should confirm that reality. Jerkoffs make money off of torturing Sarkeezian by demeaning her and disrespecting her body of work based on their petty difference of opinion rather than an acceptably rigorous discourse.

Though her videos are well researched, she must put up with the criticism that somehow she doesn't know the most basic story elements of the games she analyses, rather than meaningful disagreements with her reasoning. Through this, she has remained on the speaker's circuit discussing life online for women in many venues. She was at Vidcon last week on a panel discussing the issues of women on the internet. In the front row, winged by many of his supporters was the vitriolic, anti-Feminist, Sargon, who has made a decent living off accosting those who care about Feminism and ending harassment online and offline. 

The pannel began and the first question asked questioned why Feminism is worthy of being talked about both online and off. And Sarkeezian says, "If you Google my name on YouTube you get shitheads like this dude who are making these dumb-assed videos," she says. "They just say the same shit over and over again. I hate to give you attention because you're a garbage human. These dudes just making endless videos that go after every feminist over and over again is a part of the issue of why we have to have these conversations." This is word for word. (Thanks, Collin Campbell).

After this comment, Sargon yells that he should be allowed to debate her, despite his historic total lack of any sort of respect for her and his lack real regard for intellectual discourse. Now, that's where my account of this story is going to end. You can read Campbell's account in the link at the end of the last paragraph.  But this one additional detail is important, Sargon and other Youtubers of a similar calibre have descended upon her comment calling it harassment, uncalled for, and in conflict with Vidcon's rules. The last of which, I couldn't possibly give less of a shit about.

I want to talk about one point and one point only. Anita Sarkeezian is a living, breathing, human with feelings and her life has been affected by online harassment in concrete, terrifying ways. To name just a couple, that just-so-fun time she moved because she was doxxed and subsequently threatened in very real ways and the time she had to cancel a talk at a college in Utah because someone threatened to shoot her and the other attendees. So, when one of the assholes who is responsible for egging these thugs is sitting right in front in her, mini-thugs in the wings, she has every right to address him.

Sargon is directly responsible for part of her suffering and has profited well off of her misery. That's Sargon's game. It's so a part of his brand that his twitter banner even includes an image of her. He wasn't there to attend an event he was interested in, he was there, in the front row to intimidate or bait her (more likely both,) and there was no shame in her calling him out with the same level of disrespect as he had built his career showing her. Sarkeezian is not a god, she does not transcend human emotion to feel fear, sadness, frustration, or even to feel bold enough to stand up to one of the vilest assholes on the internet.

In reading about this situation, I've found that concession to entirely missing. in the conversations we have about what transpired that day, we'd do well to remember the expectation that she would ignore him entirely is unrealistic and unfair. So if she broke the rules, fuck Vidcon's rules. And just because, fuck Sargon and all similar "entertainers".