A Small Introduction

I'm Nick, a Black Queer Girl bred and born in the Midwest. And I am a gamer by serendipity. I had a Gameboy when I was a kid and my first gaming love, like so many 23-year-olds, was Pokemon Blue. Beyond that as a kid at first the only games my parents let me play were, that Toy Story game that came in 1995 and maybe Tetris. In other words, my parents weren't exactly parenting with the intention of raising a gamer, but that didn't stop my brother and me from begging. I remember watching my older cousin play Digimon World at my grandparent's house and being absolutely desperate to be able to play. But my parents wouldn't budge.

So, it seemed like really ultimately, I wasn't really intended to be the colossal nerd that I grew up to be, but the new millennium changed all of that. You see, in 2000 when the PS2 was coming out, my parents were intending to give one to that same cousin I mentioned before but, somehow it ended up wrapped, under our Christmas tree with my brother's name written right on the label. And if there was a camera in the room I love to think what the juxtaposition of my brother and my faces light up against my parent's utter shock. They withheld it while my brother learned his times tables and then, once he was proficient, it was ours. And all bets were off from there.

From then on we devoured games and my parents gave into our asks for new consoles and pretty soon, I was immersed, in love, obsessed with animation and video games. And all the while, while I was diving into this incredible, vibrant world, I was Black, Queer and a girl. Everything about being not white, not straight nad not a man on the internet is an awkward negotiation because especially in gaming circles, you're assumed not to exist. Most people I know just in life can count the times they've been called a nigger or a faggot on one or two hands. 

I was called both many times before I started counting but I stopped after 60 and that was after about two months. So, in summary, it was strange. 

Which brings me, finally to what this is. And if you're still with me, truly, thanks. This is a Blog where I'm gonna talk about games. I'm going to write reviews, about happenings in the industry and about game theory all from my perspective as a  Queer Black Girl who games. And I hope that you will continue to read.