The Poetry of Doki-Doki Literature Club

For the last couple of weeks, I have been streaming Doki-Doki Literature club, a visual novel about a boy who joins his school's literature club and wants to make one of the 4 beautiful members, wifu. Only, Doki-Doki Literature Club isn't a simple dating sim, it's a full-on, never sleep again, horror extravaganza, with poems.



In the game, there's a mechanic used to figure out what path you follow which depends on you picking out words to form a poem, you think your wifu would like. The result of this is that you just end up picking a word off of a short list that your chosen girl would most associate with. On my stream, I promised that I would take my recordings and write out some of these poems. So without further adieu, here are the poems of Doki-Doki Literature Club. Lineation and punctuation is mine.

...God forgive me.

Poem #1: Pls, Natsuki (A Failed Attempt)

Cute, precious Strawberry

Parfait, pure marshmallow


Vanilla rainbow Boop

Smile joy charm rose.

Doki-Doki daydream.

Sugar Bunny.

Play Fire Flies!


Poem #1 Take 2: No Really Natsuki, Pls


Ribbon lollipop.

Pink Marshmallow game.

Parfait, summer chocolate.

Lipstick socks

dance, sweet boop.

Flower bubble joy.

Doki-doki vacation, spinning.


Poem #2: Notice Me Kohai

Giggle Vanilla.

Love socks. Laugh kawaii sugar.

Marshmallow party.

Strawberry shiny.

Lolipop color doki-doki.

Smile bunny boop.

pink jumpy, jump.


Poem #3: Kohai Notices Me

Parfait clouds. Mouse shiny lollipop.

Holiday raindrops summer. 

Bouncy. Silly.

Marshmallow fluffy.

Giigle music. Lucky.

Games anime doki-doki.

Fun party.


This Isn't Really Poetry

Just because, I love and appreciate poetry. And poetry has saved my life, I just want to say that. These are just some funny Mid Libs, which I love. My playthrough of Doki-Doki Literature Club will be coming back later this week. We've gotten to the spooky stuff finally so, it'll be pretty bad. If I have time before my voice fails at the end of the stream, I will do a reading of these.