5 Tips For Getting Started Right in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is an adorable distillation of everything that makes the Animal Crossing series so darn good. But, it's also a free-to-play game with an intentionally limited amount of starting resources. After playing the game from scratch twice now, here are some tips on how you can start your game with a leg up. 

1. Unlock the Full 3 Crafting Pallets

Through the tutorial, you will be guided through the process of how crafting furniture works. When you begin, you have one open wooden pallet for crafting. In addition to this pallet, there are two unlockable pallets that you can pay 80 leaf tickets a pop for. At the beginning of AC: Pocket Camp, leaf tickets are plentiful but, rest assured that passed the first few days of playing, they will become extremely scarce. So, while you have the resources, buy those pallets, it will allow you to craft three things at once, instead of one. It's totally worth it and will save you some headaches when the wait timers start to get longer.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

2. Link Your My Nintendo Account

Whether you have one already, or not, it's worth it to connect your game to a My Nintendo account. Not only is this an easy method of backing up your data but, also gives you access to some decent rewards, including the OK Motors uniform, 100 free leaf tickets, and a respectable amount of materials. Did I mention that you can get the OK Motors uniform? It's super cute (though, sadly my shoes are not.)

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 2

3. If You Can, Shoot to Complete Everybody's Requests Every Time

Every few hours the animals on the map will shift position. Each shift, each animal has a total of three requests and you can talk to them for another bonus in your relationship meter. Try and finish as many of these as you have time for. Even if your friendship meter with an animal is already maxed out, meeting their requests is a reliable way of keeping various materials on hand. 

Believe me, I stopped doing every request before restarting for the US release and I burned through materials in a second. It's really better just to keep your inventory well stocked for every situation. Oh and, eventually you're going to need to craft something with 100 preservatives and I recommend saving for that up front.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 3


4. Make a Lot of Friends

Don't be afraid to befriend everyone, even people you don't know. In order to go to the quarry, which gives you large amounts of bells and materials, even essences, you need either 20 leaf tickets or 5 of your friends need to help you out. Unless you're Mx. Moneybags, I'm gonna assume you're looking for the free option. Problem is, it can be pretty hit or miss with people helping you, so give yourself the best chance of success by having as many friends as you can find.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 4

5: Ignore Me and Play How You Want

Lastly, don't feel like you need to do any of this stuff. Cause Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is all about playing at your own pace. Sure these tips, I think are helpful but, try and discover how you like to play. This is really the tip of the iceberg for optimizing this game but, I didn't include those other tips because, it's more fun to find it out yourself.

So have fun, take a breather, and (seriously) buy those pallets.